Hogan for Maryland

Strong Independent Leadership for Maryland

Governor Hogan is currently traveling the state putting forward bipartisan, common sense solutions for the pressing challenges facing Marylanders.


America is at a dangerous, critical crossroads. Most Americans are thoroughly convinced that we are hopelessly divided, that Washington is completely dysfunctional, and that our entire political system is fundamentally broken. The voices of the exhausted majority are often ignored in deference to the demands of the loudest and angriest few who seem hell-bent on tearing America apart. Enough is enough.

Governor Hogan is running for the Senate because he is completely fed-up with politics-as-usual in Washington where the politicians—on both sides—seem to be more interested in attacking each other than in actually getting anything done for the people they represent. Governor Hogan believes that America’s future depends on fixing the broken politics in Washington. He will advocate for reforms like open primaries, ending partisan gerrymandering, and term limits to make sure that the exhausted majority are finally heard in Washington. 

Most of all, he will lead by example. For eight years as governor of Marylander, he showed that there is a better path forward. During times of crisis, Governor Hogan brought Marylanders together and proved that what unites us is better than that which divides us. He set a tone of civility, trust, and cooperation, where the best ideas rise to the top based upon their merit, regardless of which side of the political debate they come from. That is exactly the approach he will bring to Washington to help fix the broken politics that are tearing our country apart. 



“We can no longer allow politics to get in the way of public safety. There are bipartisan common sense solutions that the federal government can urgently adopt that will make a difference and save lives. In the Senate, I will make it a top priority to bring people in both parties together to get this done, support our law enforcement, and make our communities safer.” enforcement, and make our communities safer.”


Take Repeat Violent Criminals Off The Streets
In the Senate, Governor Hogan will continue to support increased criminal penalties for violent offenders. Governor Hogan will support federal law enforcement and their partner and task forces in our communities to curb violent crime just like he did as governor. In 2022, Governor Hogan showed that this could be done effectively in Baltimore City. He worked with the U.S. Attorney for Maryland to deploy strategic federal assets to get the job done, providing millions of dollars in state funding to support additional prosecutors and staff, including 10 additional Special Assistant United States Attorneys for the Baltimore Office. These prosecutors used the “Al Capone model” of pursuing federal firearms, fraud, and other criminal charges against individuals known to be repeat violent offenders. Starting in August 2022, murders in Baltimore began to decline compared to the prior year. We must adopt this proven approach at the federal level as a critical tool in our crime-fighting toolbox. On day one in the Senate, Governor Hogan will get to work to ensure Maryland has access to resources to hire federal prosecutors who will focus on breaking up these carjacking gangs and other organized crime

Get Guns Out Of The Hands Of Violent Criminals And The Mentally Ill
As Governor, Larry Hogan worked to get guns out of the hands of violent criminals and the mentally ill, leading the nation in passing red flag laws. In the Senate, he will push for common sense protections to get guns out of the hands of violent criminals and the mentally ill, including universal background checks. He will make sure we are proactive about leveraging the federal laws on the books, such as increased penalties for firearms in school zones and other federally-designated locations, to get guns out of the hands of repeat violent offenders.

Respect And Re-fund Police And Law Enforcement
Too often, our police do not get the respect and support they deserve. When calls to “Defund the Police” broke out across America, Governor Hogan was one of the first leaders to speak out in support of our police. Instead, Governor Hogan passed landmark Re-Fund The Police legislation, which provided a 50 percent increase of half a billion dollars more in state aid to local police to provide salary increases, hiring bonuses for state police agencies, and greater funding for de-escalation training, and equipment. In the Senate, he will lead the fight to Re-Fund our police at the federal level with greater training for law enforcement, more school resource officers, and funding to solve violent crimes, including the VICTIM Act that would provide critical resources to help law enforcement solve the most violent crimes. In addition, he will work to reverse cuts on flexible and highly used programs that police around the nation depend on, like Byrne Grants, that fund overtime for drug investigations, technology upgrades, and necessary equipment.

Let Law Enforcement Do Their Jobs
Law enforcement already has a hard enough job, but the federal government makes it even harder by tacking on unreasonable requirements and tying needed funding and tools to their political agendas. Federal resources are too micromanaged by Congress and federal bureaucrats. Congress should provide federal, state, and local law enforcement with the funding and flexibility to do their jobs.

Hold Prosecutors And Senate Confirmed Nominees Accountable
We’ve seen too many of our US cities suffer crime spikes because rogue prosecutors have failed to do their jobs. Tragically, juvenile crime has been surging in Maryland and Washington, DC, because of the failure to provide real accountability and rehabilitation. As Governor, Larry Hogan fought for and passed the Judicial Transparency Act to provide more transparency for the public to hold judges and prosecutors accountable. In the Senate, Larry Hogan will press for more accountability for those who fail to enforce the law. He will hold Senate-confirmed appointees accountable and ensure they will uphold their duty to enforce the law.

Stop Reckless DC Policies That Are Hurting Marylanders
Congress has a constitutional responsibility to provide oversight on local legislation passed by the District of Columbia’s City Council. This is critical for Maryland families who border Washington and feel the destructive impact of soft-on-crime policies. All too often, DC leaders have been promoting and passing legislation that decriminalizes serious crimes and has resulted in a crime wave impacting the District and Maryland suburbs. While crimes like carjacking have increased in the District and Maryland suburbs, the DC Council has tried to pass legislation that would have eliminated sentencing requirements and significantly reduced the penalties for nearly all offenses. This would include even violent crimes such as carjackings, armed robberies, and even homicides. If elected, Larry Hogan will hold these leaders accountable who fail to enforce the law and keep the citizens of the region safe.

Dismantle Drug Trafficking Cartels
Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs have caused an unprecedented amount of harm in Maryland and throughout the nation. As Governor, Larry Hogan created the first state-level coordinating agency to tap the resources of the entire state to provide a balanced approach to curbing demand via treatment and prevention while supporting law enforcement to go after volume dealers. In the Senate, Governor Hogan will make sure the federal government is a partner providing the needed resources to work across state and county lines to take these violent organized criminal enterprises apart. The failure to secure the border has become a perfect storm of chaos for criminal cartels that are profiting from a surge in human trafficking, fentanyl, and other drug smuggling. He will work across the aisle to finally secure the border by fixing the asylum process, sending more resources to law enforcement on the border with more Customs and Border Patrol agents, increasing the number of immigration judges, and dismantling the criminal cartel networks.

Dignity, Respect, And Resources For Victims Of Crime
Every act of violent crime leaves behind victims and their families, who are all too often re-victimized during the criminal justice process. That’s why Governor Hogan’s administration always prioritized victim’s rights. While Congress reduced funding for key programs that support rape victims and domestic violence, Governor Hogan made up the difference and funded these critical programs. As Senator, Larry Hogan will fight to increase funding for these important programs that victims and their families depend on.

Help Those Who Have Served Their Time Re-enter Society
As Governor, Larry Hogan led the nation in enacting the Second Chance Act to help people who had paid their debts successfully re-enter society. He also enacted the landmark Justice Reinvestment Initiative that prioritized prison sentences for violent offenders, and job training and drug rehabilitation programs in prisons. As Senator, Larry Hogan will continue his efforts at the federal level and support important legislation like the federal Second Chance Act to help communities and returning citizens successfully reintegrate into society.

Provide Mental Health And Substance Abuse Treatment For Those Who Need It
Governor Hogan dramatically increased treatment in our communities, jails, and prisons. He made sure that returning citizens have access to treatment upon release, ensured access to medication-assisted treatment in Maryland correctional facilities, and funded lifesaving projects. In the Senate, Governor Hogan will build on this critical work to support Maryland’s recovery community and affected families, and make sure those who need mental health and substance abuse treatment have access to these lifesaving resources.

peace through strength

Governor Hogan believes that the best way to secure peace is through American strength. He will work to ensure America invests in a strong military and cyberdefenses. As Governor, he made it a top priority to strongly support members of the Maryland National Guard and active-duty military and helped make Maryland the cyber capital of America, working in partnership with the NSA, U.S. Cyber Command, and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

America is strongest when we stand up to our enemies and for our allies. As Governor, he worked to deepen Maryland’s relationships with our allies around the world like Israel, South Korea, Japan, and Ukraine. While war rages in Europe and the Middle East, we desperately need a proven and experienced leader like Governor Hogan in the Senate to continue that critical work. 

secure the border

For far too long, Washington politicians have cared more about keeping the broken immigration system as a campaign issue than finding actual solutions. As a result, the humanitarian crisis at the border has continued to worsen, becoming a perfect storm of chaos for criminal cartels that are profiting from a surge in human trafficking and the smuggling of fentanyl and other illicit drugs. Meanwhile, immigrants who attempt to enter the country through legal channels are unfairly punished. 


Governor Hogan will work to take the gridlock and the partisan nonsense out of this critical issue. He will advance solutions to secure the border and pass meaningful immigration reform that encourages more legal immigration. This means fixing the asylum process, sending more resources to law enforcement on the border with more Customs and Border Protection agents, increasing the number of immigration judges, and dismantling the criminal cartel networks. 


Relief for Our Seniors

“When I was running for governor in 2014, as I traveled around the state over and over again I heard people say ‘I don’t want to leave my kids and grandkids, but I can’t afford to retire in Maryland. As governor, I fought for 8 years and in my final year I finally got them to pass the Retirement Tax Elimination Act of 2023—a much deserved break for seniors for the first time in decades in Maryland. There is still more work to be done and in the Senate I will continue fighting for tax relief for all of our nation’s retirees.”


Governor Hogan will always fight to protect Social Security and Medicare, especially for seniors who depend on this vital program. They paid into the system, earned these benefits, and deserve their fair share. Seniors that have already reached retirement and those close to retirement need to be protected from changes to benefits they have planned on.

While most parts of the tax code are indexed to inflation, several key aspects are not, including housing gains, social security, and child tax credits. This results in pushing many Americans into higher tax brackets, increasing the tax burden for many who are just struggling to get by with higher costs. In the Senate, Governor Hogan will fight to end this unfairness in the tax code that is punishing so many Marylanders struggling with inflation.

As runaway inflation continues to eat away at earnings power, seniors are worried that increased medical and prescription costs will make it difficult to afford the health care they need and deserve. The Biden administration has proposed Medicare Advantage cuts that will hurt hundreds of thousands of Maryland seniors who are already struggling on fixed incomes with inflation eating away at their hard-earned savings. In the Senate, Governor Hogan will fight these Medicare cuts and protect Maryland Seniors.

As Governor, Larry Hogan supported and signed legislation that held Prescription Benefit Managers (PBM) middlemen who are driving up the cost of prescription drugs accountable and required more transparency. Most PBM’s today are owned by massive insurance companies and too often they hold on to discounts and get in the way of decisions that should belong to doctors, pharmacists, and their patients.

As a Senator, Governor Hogan will fight for legislation that requires these savings to be passed on to patients and taxpayers. He will vote to force the Federal Trade Commission to aggressively investigate these unfair and abusive pricing schemes that make it more difficult to get the health care seniors need. Pharmaceutical middlemen must be made accountable to the public.

The cap on the state and local tax deduction (SALT) increases the tax burden on Marylanders who have worked their entire lives to afford a home and who are already struggling amid crushing inflation. In the Senate, Larry Hogan will fight to repeal this cap.


“As governor, I was proud to change the entire mission of state government to be unabashedly pro-jobs and pro-business, and jumpstart the greatest economic turnaround in America. We helped small businesses like Marlin Steel expand by finding ways to reduce the tax and regulatory burden, and through innovative incentive programs like More Jobs For Marylanders. With the plan we’re launching today, I’m looking forward to bringing these same policies and ideas to the United States Senate.”


Small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy, creating tens of millions of jobs. However, too often, they don’t have a voice in Washington. Politicians in both parties are not looking out for the hard-working small businesses that make our economy run.

Larry Hogan is not a career politician. He is a lifelong small business owner who decided to run for governor in 2014 because he was fed up with the overburdensome regulations and 43 consecutive tax hikes that crushed Maryland’s economy. Once in office, Governor Hogan kept his promise to champion small businesses. He eliminated thousands of job-killing regulations and cut taxes for eight years in a row by $4.7 billion, including tax cuts for small businesses. He successfully turned Maryland’s economy from 49th out of 50 states to number six – the greatest economic turnaround in America. After eight years in office, Maryland ranked 3rd in the nation for the number of small businesses as a percentage of total companies.

With unaffordable inflation and overburdensome regulations, our small businesses are getting squeezed across the country. In just the last three years, the federal government has added $1.5 trillion in regulatory costs onto the backs of small businesses.

In the Senate, Larry Hogan will be a champion for our small businesses to get our economy moving:

With unaffordable inflation and overburdensome regulations, our small businesses are getting squeezed across the country. In just the last three years, the federal government has added $1.5 trillion in regulatory costs onto the backs of small businesses.

In the Senate, Governor Hogan will fight to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. In 2025, over 30 million small business owners will face a massive tax hike if Congress does not act. Governor Hogan will fight to make the Small Business Deduction permanent to give them the stability they need to grow our economy and create jobs.

Small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy, creating tens of millions of jobs. As Governor, Larry Hogan eliminated thousands of regulations and fees that hurt small businesses and job growth. In the Senate, he will continue to be a champion for regulatory reform and reign in regulatory overreach from federal agencies targeting small businesses.

The unaffordable cost of healthcare is making it nearly impossible for countless small businesses to provide critical benefits for their employees. As Governor, Larry Hogan was able to work across the aisle to lower healthcare costs for small businesses. As a Senator, he will once again work across the aisle to do the same by expanding health insurance coverage options for small businesses and providing greater flexibility to support their employees.



“I have always believed every child deserves to have access to a world-class education, regardless of what zip code they happen to grow up in. Great schools like Archbishop Borders embody the power of a great education and create opportunities for Maryland’s future leaders. Our administration made unprecedented strides to empower parents, build first-rate school facilities, and expand choice and innovation—and I’ll take the same approach to the Senate.”


Governor Hogan believes every child across our country deserves access to a world-class education, regardless of what zip code they happen to grow up in. To make our schools the best in the world, we need to embrace innovative ideas for the 21st century instead of continuing to be weighed down by old partisan divisions.

For eight years, Governor Hogan ensured that Maryland public schools had record funding every year, supporting children with special needs and computer science programs like Girls Who Code. He supported programs like P-TECH that allow high school students to earn a degree while gaining career training. He boosted charter schools and created the BOOST program so that underserved children could attend a non-public school of their choice. No administration in Maryland history did more to improve the physical condition of our public schools. Under Governor Hogan’s leadership, Maryland provided more than $4.7 billion for school construction over eight years.

As Governor, Larry Hogan always worked to make higher education more affordable, funding higher education at record levels, providing historical support for HBCUs, preventing tuition increases, and granting scholarships to low-income and middle-income students from Maryland to cover the full cost of tuition for community colleges. He started innovative programs to address the student debt crisis, including allowing first-time homebuyers to roll student loans into their mortgage and made interest on student loans deductible on state taxes. He consistently advocated providing incentives, credits, and other innovative programs to help families save for college.

Larry Hogan will bring this same common sense approach to the Senate. Just as he did as Governor, Senator Hogan will advocate for greater funding with real accountability, results, and choice. He will work across the aisle to advance innovative ideas that create new pathways for success for every child. And he will fight for tax credits, educational scholarship accounts, charter schools, and more flexibility for 529 accounts that empower kids and their parents with the tools to shape their own destiny.

Expanding pathways to the american dream

“I am so proud that in 2022, we were able to make Maryland the first state in the nation to eliminate unnecessary college degree requirements for jobs in state governments. A number of states have followed our lead, but much more needs to be done to remove barriers for workers–particularly at the federal level. I will bring that same innovative approach to the United States Senate to make these opportunities even more accessible.”


A prestigious degree must not be the only pathway to the American dream. It’s common sense that success should be determined by skills and experience, not just a credential or a degree.

As Governor, Larry Hogan led the nation in tearing down the paper ceiling. For too long, qualified Marylanders were locked out of a job working for the state government because they lacked a college degree, disproportionately harming people of color, people from remote communities, and veterans. Governor Hogan was the first governor in America to direct all state agencies to eliminate these requirements when the job did not require a degree. This model has now been followed all across the country in the private and public sectors.

Governor Hogan believes every Marylander and American deserves the opportunity to succeed. Sadly, only 36 percent of Americans believe that the American dream — that anyone can get ahead through hard work — is still alive today. As Governor, Larry Hogan advanced bipartisan common sense solutions to expand economic opportunity for all Marylanders, including making Maryland the best in the nation for economic opportunity for women. Governor Hogan will take that same approach to the Senate.

Governor Hogan has been a champion for investing in our workers. He made Maryland a national leader in innovative job training, workforce development, and apprenticeship programs like EARN that invest in our workers and help meet the increasing demand for essential skilled jobs. Under Governor Hogan, total registered apprenticeships grew by 38.84%, and the number of youth apprentices enrolled in the Governor’s Apprenticeship Maryland Program grew by over 1,000%. The administration also modernized apprenticeship opportunities for Marylanders, expanding to 89 new occupations, including cybersecurity, healthcare, and information technology. By late 2022, over 12,000 apprentices—the highest ever in state history—were registered across Maryland’s 182 active apprenticeship programs, partnering with 3,879 employers. In 2016, Governor Hogan launched P-TECH, an innovative program for students from all backgrounds that creates clear paths from high school to college and then on to successful careers by partnering with private sector sponsors. In six years or less, students graduate with a high school diploma and, at no cost, a two-year associate degree in a critical STEM field.

As a Senator, Governor Hogan will be a champion for expanding federal support for apprenticeships. Maryland is currently not in compliance with federal law allowing military spouses to use their professional licenses in the states where their spouses are stationed. Governor Hogan will fight for our military families and make it a top priority to ensure those who make incredible sacrifices for our freedom do not have their dreams and livelihoods crushed by unnecessary red tape.

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