Governor Larry Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan is changing Maryland for the better. He is not a career politician; he’s a small businessman, concerned citizen, a lifelong Marylander, and someone who loves this state. Before being elected governor, he never held office before and believes that being governor is his opportunity to serve all people, from Western Maryland, to Baltimore City, to the Lower Eastern Shore.

Before entering public service, Larry was a local small businessman who, just like many of us, was incredibly frustrated with the years of never-ending tax hikes and fee increases of the O’Malley administration and decades of one-party rule. The blatant disregard for everyday Marylanders by status-quo politicians in Annapolis motivated him to make a difference and create Change Maryland, the largest nonpartisan grassroots organization in state history.

By speaking directly to Maryland voters, through social media and in one-on-one conversations, about the things they cared about most, Larry won his campaign for governor on November of 2014, winning 20 out of 23 counties. He accomplished this despite being outspent by more than $18 million, and being counted out by the political pundits. Larry’s underdog victory was made possible by the tens of thousands of Democratic and Independent voters who supported his common sense, bipartisan message of change and fiscal responsibility. Upon being elected, he promised to represent all Marylanders, regardless of party affiliation, and he has done exactly that.

On a snowy day in Annapolis in January 2015, Larry Hogan was inaugurated as our 62nd governor.

As governor, Larry is focused on getting things done for the people of Maryland by advancing the best ideas - regardless of which side of the aisle they come from. For far too long, Maryland state government had been dominated by partisan politics and insider fighting, with citizens forced to pay for it all through higher taxes and failed policies. Larry has proven that, by working together with both parties and implementing common sense policies that Marylanders support, he could accomplish what many believed was no longer possible in Maryland: balanced, effective government that works for the people, not politicians.

He has worked tirelessly to bring tax relief, balanced budgets, and long-term fiscal responsibility to Maryland – ideas and practices that many thought would never return to Annapolis.

While running for office, Larry promised the overtaxed and overburdened people of Maryland that he was going to get the government off their backs and out of their pockets - and that is exactly what has happened. In just one term, he reformed nearly 850 regulations, reduced or eliminated over 250 fees across state government, and delivered the largest tax refund in Maryland history. He rolled back tolls for the first time in more than 50 years, saving families, workers, and businesses more than $270 million.

In total, he has cut taxes, tolls, and fees by more than $1.2 billion and put that money back into the pockets of Maryland taxpayers and small businesses. These pro-growth policies have resulted in wage growth for Maryland workers and the creation of nearly 100,000 jobs, even after losing 100,000 jobs under the O’Malley administration. More Marylanders have been working and more businesses have opened their doors than ever before in our state’s history.

Larry means it when he says “Maryland is open for business.” In fact, one of his first official acts as governor was changing all the welcome signs to read “Welcome to Maryland, We’re Open for Business.”

Larry believes that every single child in Maryland should have access to a world-class education - regardless of where they grown up or how much money their family has. As governor, he has provided record funding for K-12 education, with each year breaking the previous year’s record, and he has promoted innovative programs and strategies to train the students of today for the jobs of the future.

As a recognized environmental leader, under Larry’s leadership, Maryland has invested $4 billion in Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts, and enacted the most significant environmental initiatives in a generation to protect Maryland’s greatest natural asset. Through cutting-edge initiatives to promote renewable energy jobs, he has shown that environmental stewardship can actually fuel economic growth. He has promoted and actively fought for some of the most stringent air and water quality standards in the nation and instituted a statewide ban on fracking.

After the O’Malley administration siphoned $1 billion from Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund, Maryland was left with crumbling roads and bridges and some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation. Larry has turned all that around and is getting Marylanders moving again. Over 1,000 projects are in progress in every corner of the state, and the governor’s transformative Traffic Relief Plan will bring major widening and technology improvements to the state’s most congested corridors - the Capital Beltway, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and the Baltimore Beltway.

During their campaign, Larry and his running mate Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford heard from Marylander after Marylander that the heroin and opioid crisis was ripping apart families and communities across our state. Shortly after taking office, they established the Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force, and following recommendations from the task force, the governor declared a State of Emergency to treat this epidemic like the true crisis it is. Larry is committed to working with every level of government, communities, nonprofit organizations, and families to turn the tide and help save lives.

Larry has also faced unexpected challenges that tested him both as a leader and in his personal life. Just three months after becoming governor, protests in Baltimore City turned violent and the eyes of the nation focused on our state’s largest city that was engulfed in violence and flames. Acting swiftly to stem the rioting, Larry declared a State of Emergency and activated the National Guard to restore order and protect city residents and local businesses. His decisive response garnered widespread praise, and his commitment to rebuild and revitalize Baltimore continues today.

Then, just weeks later, Larry felt a strange lump on his neck as he prepared to travel home from an economic development mission to South Korea. Doctors quickly diagnosed him with Stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The outpouring of support he received from thousands of Marylanders and people across the country and world urging him to remain “Hogan Strong” boosted his spirits and gave him energy to fight his cancer - and win. In November 2016, after months of intense chemotherapy, Larry told the people of Maryland that he was completely cancer free.

Today, Larry is using common sense, bipartisanship, and his private-sector experience to make Maryland a better place to live, work, start a business, and retire. He’s asking Marylanders to give him four more years to build on the incredible progress they have achieved together, and join with him to truly change Maryland for the better.

Larry is married to Yumi Hogan, a first-generation Korean-American, who is an artist and teacher. She is the first Asian First Lady in Maryland history and the first Korean-American First Lady in United States history. They have three daughters—Julie, Jaymi, and Kim—and four grandchildren, Daniella, Cam, Ada, and Nora.