While Federal Government Delays Action on Cyber Threats, Governor Hogan Issues Emergency Directive Banning Use Of TikTok, Other China and Russia-Based Products Throughout State Government


With Maryland widely known as the cyber capital of America, Governor Hogan is continuing to be a national leader on responding to cyber threats.

Earlier today, he issued an emergency directive banning and prohibiting across State Government the use of China and Russia-based products and platforms that pose a threat to US cybersecurity, including TikTok. While the federal government has continued to drag their feet on responding to TikTok and cyber threats, Governor Hogan has now issued the most aggressive action of any governor in America.

Last year, Governor Hogan convened a cybersecurity summit at the Maryland State House in Annapolis focused on coordinated federal, state, and private sector efforts to prepare for and address cybersecurity threats. The Governor also announced more than $200 million in funding to modernize, strengthen, and expand the state’s cyber infrastructure.

As Governor Hogan wrote in a joint USA Today op-ed with former NSA Director Admiral Dennis Blair, “For far too long, Washington has been asleep on cybersecurity. America’s vulnerabilities have been exposed and bemoaned, but not seriously addressed, much less fixed…It’s time to wake up.”