What They're Saying About Governor Larry Hogan

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Here's What They're Saying About Governor Larry Hogan's Leadership in Maryland

“Mr. Hogan, a republican in a democrat-loving state wields a hammer of common sense amid a map of political avengers.”

- The Washington Times, April 2020

“Larry’s at the top of a list of leaders that I admire today because what’s happening here in Annapolis is the antithesis of what’s happening in Washington, DC these days. Larry embodies the strong, independent leadership America needs now."

- Governor Jeb Bush, January 2019

Hogan has shown an ability to win across party lines. He won re-elected by double digits in Maryland, a state that last voted republican in a presidential election in 1988."

- Chuck Todd, Meet The Press, January 2019

“In Maryland, Hogan has burnished his reputation as a forceful, can-do leader.

- The Washington Post, March 2020

“What is equally surprising—and more welcome, as a reminder to Americans that the country was not always so fractious and polarized—[Hogan] has built his career on bipartisanship and compromise.

- The Economist

“[Governor Hogan] comes up in most conversations about central figures who could be well-positioned for a presidential run.

- National Journal, April 2020

“Larry Hogan can offer a serious and meaningful alternative to the corroded conservatism we have in Washington today.”

- The New York Times, January 2019

“Between his open invitations on TV, the political-advocacy group he formed, and a new role as co-chair of the bipartisan group. No Labels, Hogan has an attention-generating machine equipped to advance his interests long after he leaves the governor’s mansion—and he expects to play an active, public role in the battle for the future of the GOP.

- Washingtonian, June 2021

“Hogan regularly ranks among the most popular governors in America, with an approval rating that reached 75% in early 2020.”

- Washingtonian, June 2021

“The Un-Trump Republican: In the shadow of the nation’s storm-tossed political epicenter, Larry Hogan’s governorship is seeming more and more like an intriguing test case for a radically different version of the Republican Party: What would it look like if a politician played to Trump’s electoral coalition while rejecting just about every element of the president’s personal style?”

- Washington Post Magazine

“Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is a pragmatic, personable Republican who governs like a working class independent in a heavily Democratic state. He makes no apologies for his conservative principles, while welcoming those who don’t, giving him space to thrive in a blue state despite a president who often leaves him blue in the face.”

- Tampa Bay Times, January 2019

“GOP ‘needs to take a page from [Governor Hogan’s] playbook’ and ‘grow the Republican Party into the future.”

- Margaret Hoover, January 2021

“Governor Larry Hogan is showing that leadership isn’t restricted by politics.

- USA Today, March 2020

“To his immense credit, Mr. Hogan, a republican in a state where Democrats enjoy a 2-to-1 advantage, has largely fulfilled that pledge, rejecting what he called the ‘extremes of either political party’ and taking a pragmatic, centrist approach to leadership that has been a tonic in a venomous era. In polarized times, he has stuck to his political middle, from where he has fashioned agreements that will benefit millions of Marylanders. That’s no easy feat.”

- The Washington Post

“Governor Hogan’s story is inspiring and one we can all relate to. He showed perseverance when facing what appeared to be insurmountable odds and came out on top.”

- Cal Ripken, Jr.

“I’ve been impressed by governors across the country, including… Governor Hogan and the many others who are… providing a model for us all to follow.”

- Bill Gates

“Now [Hogan] seems to be showing the country how to govern as a pragmatist and build bridges with Democrats.”

- Washington Examiner, September 2016

“Hogan is a rare bird in American politics, a broadly popular Republican governor in a very blue state. Hogan has acquired a reputation for affable, moderate pragmatism and assembled a coalition spanning Republicans, independents, and conservative Democrats.”

- The Weekly Standard

“There are going to be new faces that are going to be the spokespeople for our party and their own vision. That could be Larry Hogan.”

- Senator Mitt Romney, January 2021

Governor Hogan knows how to ‘connect to Trump voters’ because he ‘doesn’t sound like a politician’… He’s one of the Republicans that would be toughest to beat on a national level… Republicans ‘want someone who doesn’t sound like a politicians.’

- GOP Pollster Frank Luntz, January 2021

Governor Hogan ‘proves courage and leadership are indeed alive and well in elected officials.’

- Governor Chris Christie

“One of the nation’s model crisis leaders.”

- The Hill

“When Republican Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland ran for re-election in 2018, he won 28% of the black vote, which was double the amount he’d won four years earlier. This was all the more impressive because his opponent not only was black but also a former head of the NAACP, and Democrats enjoyed a blue wave nationally that year. Mr. Hogan’s gains among blacks didn’t come from making overt racial appeals. Instead, black supporters cited the governor’s push for lower taxes and his decision to send federal troops to Baltimore during the 2015 riots. Apparently, identity politics isn’t the only way to win the votes of blacks, who like safe neighborhoods and low tax rates just like a lot of other Americans.”

- The Wall Street Journal, September 2021

“The two-term governor has defied the political odds in deep-blue Maryland, a state Republicans haven’t won at the presidential level since 1988. While Republicans suffered a national bludgeoning in 2018, Hogan won reelection by more than 10 percentage points, making him only the second Maryland Republican governor in history to win a second term. He has remained popular since.”

- Politico, September 2021