In case you missed it, according to Jewish Insider, Governor Hogan joined Jewish community and business leaders in Aventura, Florida to discuss why “our allies, including Israel, need a strong and united America leading the world.”
In his final weeks in office, Governor Hogan has joined local and regional media outlets for interviews to discuss his legacy. Despite facing unprecedented challenges such as the Baltimore riots, cancer, and COVID, Governor Hogan is leaving office as the most popular governor in Maryland history with approval ratings consistently over 70%.
Thanks to Governor Hogan’s pro-growth and common sense policies, Maryland is now in the strongest fiscal position in the history of the state. Eight years ago, Governor Hogan inherited a $5.1 billion structural budget deficit. Yesterday, as Governor Hogan announced his final budget plan, Maryland will have a record reserve fund of $4.4 billion and a revenue surplus of $2 billion — a historic fiscal turnaround. With the state in strong fiscal shape, Governor Hogan’s budget can responsibly propose record investments in education, police, environmental stewardship, and cybersecurity.
Governor Hogan joined both CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ and Fox News’ ‘America’s Newsroom’ to explain why he acted to ban TikTok on state devices and to urge the federal government to follow his lead.
An America United released a new video today, titled “Underdog,” recapping two major events promoting common sense leadership. Last week, An America United hosted the first-ever Annapolis Leadership Summit, which brought together over 100 public and private sector leaders to discuss how to get America back on the right track. On the same day, An America United also hosted the Governor’s Celebration, where Governor Hogan spoke to approximately 1,700 supporters.
With Maryland widely known as the cyber capital of America, Governor Hogan is continuing to be a national leader on responding to cyber threats. Earlier today, he issued an emergency directive banning and prohibiting across State Government the use of China and Russia-based products and platforms that pose a threat to US cybersecurity, including TikTok. While the federal government has continued to drag their feet on responding to TikTok and cyber threats, Governor Hogan has now issued the most aggressive action of any governor in America.