ICYMI: Governor Hogan Joins Fox News, MSNBC, and Multiple Radio Outlets To Discuss His Fight For The Future of The Republican Party


In case you missed it, Governor Hogan joined both Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and multiple radio stations to discuss why he decided not to run for president and how he plans to impact the future of the Republican party.

Governor Hogan on Why He Decided Not To Run: “I did not want to cause a multi-car pile up in the Republican primary. And there are an awful lot of people out there running. And, you know, I’m a lifelong business guy, small business guy. And I really never, never wanted to be a career politician and didn’t need to be running for another elective office. But I want to make sure that we… got to take the White House back. We’ve got to get Joe Biden out of the White House, and we need our strongest candidate. I thought maybe sacrificing for the greater good or putting the country ahead of my own personal ambitions.”

Governor Hogan on The Republican Party Today: “In 2020, Trump had the support of more than 90% of republican primary voters. After he lost the election to Joe Biden, and I think he’s probably the only man in America that could have lost to Joe Biden. After that, he dropped to about 60%, and now Trump has about 30% of the Republican primary voters that are committed to him…A lot of people are ready to move on and consider at least other alternatives…That’s what I’ve been saying is going to happen. It’s what I’ve been talking about for several years now.”

Governor Hogan on 2024 Candidates: “We’ve got a whole host of talented people that are considering it. We’ve got some current governors and former governors, we’ve got the former Vice President…I’m hopeful that we have a couple of good candidates in there and that somebody will shine and rise up and get the party back on the right track…I really do think that the governors and former governors are really the most capable and experienced when it comes to having that executive leadership background. I think they’re really well suited to be potential Presidents.”

Governor Hogan on His Winning Model in Maryland: “I was one of the most successful governors in America. I was elected in the bluest state in the country. And I’m only the second republican governor elected in the entire 248-year history of our state. I won in a landslide, and I ran 45 points ahead of President Trump. And that’s because I not only won all of the Republicans and nearly all of the Independents, but 30% of the Democrats. It’s kind of what Ronald Reagan did when he had a landslide and won 49 states across the country. He appealed to cross-over voters. And that’s what we have to do if we’re going to get back to winning elections…I’ve got a lot to share with some of my friends in the party, some of my colleagues that may be running in the race, about not just fire up the base, but you have to appeal to other voters… We’ve got to have a message that appeals to a lot more people if we want to be able to govern.”

Governor Hogan on Continuing to Fight for the Republican Party: “We’re having a battle for the heart and soul of the party…It’s going to be a long fight, and I’m going to continue to be involved in any way I can to help get us back on track.”

Governor Hogan on Focusing on the Issues: “I’m leaving the bluest state in the country with a very high approval rating because people liked it when we focused on solving issues, when we talked about reaching across the aisle and working together to find compromise and to get things done. It’s what most Americans are looking for, regardless of their party affiliation…Doubling down on failure is not the roadmap to success. It’s something I’ve been focused on for years…We’ve got to have a hopeful positive message that appears to a border audience or else we don’t get to govern.”

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