ICYMI: Governor Hogan Joins CNN, Gray TV, and PBS


In case you missed it, yesterday, Governor Hogan joined both CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Gray TV, and PBS’ “NewsHour.”

Governor Hogan on Divisive Rhetoric and Social Issues Dominating the Narrative: “It’s not what the average American is thinking about or talking about. It’s not what the average Republican is even focused on. They’re concerned about the economy, about crime, about education. Some of these issues I think need to be addressed…But the over the top rhetoric and some of the things that we’re hearing out there just are not mainstream ideas that are going to have any kind of ability to win crossover votes and win an election…I think we got to find a more hopeful, positive vision that appeals to a broader group of voters.”

Governor Hogan on More Leaders Speaking Out Against Trump: “I’ve been one of the few people that have been speaking out against Trump for many, many years. And I’m very pleased that there are now finally others that are showing the courage to stand up and speak out…I think it’s great that more voices are saying we should move on from Donald Trump.”

Governor Hogan on Trump Picking Kari Lake As Potential Vice-President Candidate: “Having somebody like Kari Lake would be an absolute disaster…Republicans would be losing every purple state and every competitive state across the country. It would be a disaster for the party.”

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper”.

Watch Governor Hogan on PBS’ “NewsHour” here.

Watch Governor Hogan on Gray TV here.