Governor Hogan Releases Final Budget Plan Detailing Maryland’s Historic Fiscal Turnaround From Record Deficit To Record Surplus


Thanks to Governor Hogan’s pro-growth and common sense policies, Maryland is now in the strongest fiscal position in the history of the state.

Eight years ago, Governor Hogan inherited a $5.1 billion structural budget deficit. Yesterday, as Governor Hogan announced his final budget plan, Maryland will have a record reserve fund of $4.4 billion and a revenue surplus of $2 billion — a historic fiscal turnaround. With the state in strong fiscal shape, Governor Hogan’s budget can responsibly propose record investments in education, police, environmental stewardship, and cybersecurity.

While Americans are being crushed by record inflation and reckless fiscal policies, as a result of Governor Hogan’s leadership, Maryland has shown a better path forward than the failed policies of Washington.

Watch Governor Hogan’s announcement here.