Governor Hogan Appears on Fox News’ ‘America’s Newsroom’ and CNN’s ‘This Morning’


Governor Hogan joined both Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” and CNN’s “This Morning.”

Governor Hogan on the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: “We should be focused on the economy instead of a lot of other things…It is what most Americans care about…The Biden Administration has been downplaying this and now we have one of the worst bank failures in history since 2008.”

Governor Hogan on the Biden Administration: “When Joe Biden got elected he said he was going to be the guy who was going to bring us together and governor from the middle…but for the first two years he has really been placating the base but he has made the decision that it isn’t working for him…With his low approval ratings, he has to go back and fight for that middle.”

Governor Hogan on the Future of the Republican Party: “We’ve got to focus on a hopefully more positive vision for America…Successful politics is about addition and multiplication, it’s not about division and subtraction. Our party has done a lot of dividing and subtracting and we haven’t focused on the things an average American cares about and its what my entire efforts have been about…there is a whole lot of people who are moving into that lane and speaking out about it now…I’ve said as the SS Titanic Trump is going by more and more people are jumping off and we’re going to need a bigger boat ”

Governor Hogan on His Role in the 2024 Presidential Race“I would like to make sure that the party does not nominate Donald Trump…I think that is bad for the party, bad for the country and probably bad for Donald Trump. I’m going to try to see if we can find the best possible candidate that can appeal to a broader group that can not only win a primary…but could actually win a general election in November.”

Watch Governor Hogan on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom”

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN “This Morning”